Border hopping

Crossed into QLD last night and was surprised to not have armed mounties awaiting my arrival.

ive come for your syrup

Had a relaxed night. Stayed in a hostel, took a stroll down the beach and cooked myself a nice dinner. Met two students from Southport on their first bike tour headed down to Byron Bay. Helped them fix some problems on their bikes before headed off this morning. Oh yeah, I also totally failed to do a rest day yesterday. Instead of staying in Byron’s Bay (too many hippies) I carried on to Tweed Heads. Today will be my short say. Riding less than 30km to Surfers Paradise where I hear there is a night market on Wednesdays. That should get me into Brisie tomorrow early afternoon.

Unacceptable losses

Not only did I realize this morning I’ve lost my Team Moustache cycling bibs, when I pulled into a service station about 40km into my day I noticed my sleeping mat was hanging off the side and…..


The extremely nice, moderately expensive hammock lent to me by a friend was gone. Fuck. With over 100km ahead this was the last thing I wanted. Unloaded all my gear at the station and headed back. Would ride the whole thing if needed. Luckily it was only about 7km back but still took up about 45 minutes. And just as I guessed it was under one of the trees with a magpie that attacked me before. I choose to blame the bird.

Loosin’ my shit

Today I lost..
My last bandana.
An incredibly useful tea towel.
My sacred Foster’s bar towel I stole from a pub in London because the bartender was being a jerk.

Not a good day for hanging onto things.

BBQ Serious

In case you ever start thinking Aussies aren’t serious about BBQing, these things are everywhere. Big cities have them in public parks, they are in the middle of no where. That’s how you get some Q’in done.