Shit be Getting Real

I’ve just signed up for The Oregon Outback. A 360 mile mountain bike odyssey! On top of that I have been mulling on the idea of racing the Trans Am. A 4233 mile self-supported road race from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, VA. If I go for both, they’ll be back to back. I’ll finish The Outback, hang out in Portland for a couple of days then head to Astoria for the start of the Trans Am. Exciting and nerve racking, time to get some training in.

2 Replies to “Shit be Getting Real”

  1. Dude, if you do the trans-am we will have to meet. You will pass within a few hours of my place as you cross Ky.

    1. I would for sure, if I do it I will plan for a day or two buffer to visit folks along the way. I’m still early on in planning next year so it is still way up in the air.

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