Slow day


Going to take it slow and easy today. Yesterdays big roll took it our of me and now my knees and ankles are feeling it. On top of that I camped too close to the road and the trucks where engine breaking before enter town and to wake me up I’m pretty sure. 9am ans I’m enjoying my second coffee, going to see about a camp chair then rollout. Still cannot find a flag..


This is going to be my mobile home for the next week or so. Its the amazing Hennessy HyperLite. My buddy Tom lent it to me to make sure I was too tall before I buy my own. I’m buying one.

Did 140 someodd km today. Camping in a Lions park in Bulahdelah. 661ish km to go. Oh and broke my (friends) cycle computer so I’m am guessing and using gmaps to figure out my distances.

BOooom! Day one complete

Finished up with around 115km not making it quite as far as I wanted but needed to stop. I was frantically setting up camp with a massive thunderstorm approaching. I managed to have dinner nearly done before the crazy downpour. Ended up a bit wet do to bad hammock setup but not to bad. 806km to go.