AHBPC 2012 – Part I


After the courts went up yesterday I was a little worry about the weather. It was HOT. And not in the good way. Regardless had an enjoyable day of pickup with beers and shit talk mixed in.

Today started off much nicer. Cooler tempatures and a little cloud cover. I really was not sure how out day was going to go. Yesterday we got one team game in and I was a little worried. I’d never played with Tom before and he is a relatively new player. A couple games into the day my worries where absolved. While he does make some newbie mistakes it is clear he has a great sense of court presents. He was consistently in the right spot, talked well and even has a decent shot on him which earned him a hat-trick in one match. Glad to have him as a team mate going forward.

DOG SOCCER! Game Report

Godzilla Symphony 3 – 1
Basically we had more ball control, more shots and more passes. They had the goal stacked almost the entire game and scored on breaks. Fog horrrn.

GC Studs 0 – 5
Pretty new team, hilarious, good fun, never had a chance.

The UnaPOLOgetics 1 – 5
Nothing note worthy I guess. Cannot remember this match.

Bolo Pears 2 – 4
Andy fucked my wheel and lefties aren’t that hard to play against. We had Ray and Vive blocked out a good amount of the time and seems like they couldn’t get their passes off. Lefties still aren’t that hard to play against, but Ray and Vive weren’t on this team.

Where The Wild Swings Are 2 – 4
Ted carried the team and gased out. He is a really good new player with tons of potential, look forward to seeing him play in the future. I also love this team name.

0-3 Samuri Polo Cats
Rob didn’t take it well. I enjoyed playing against Big Sam, his style is really funny because he is so big but doesn’t play a physical game.

Happy Endings 4 – 2 (not 100% sure)
I hit Colin once a bit too hard. I hadn’t seen him in my way then once I noticed someone I thought it was Andrew. Felt a bit bad so turned the ball over.

In the end 6 wins for 7 matches! Seeded 4th over all. We went out to an overpriced pub that night and got a couple more beers in. It was nice just hanging out and talking smack. Most of the folks from our hours decided to call it some what early and headed home. I stacked it being a jackass and landed on my hip. By the time we arrive home I was already limping. Always happens this way, don’t get hurt the entire day on the court and stack drunk on the way home. That’s Dog Soccer for ya.