Progress so far

My original intention of writing daily on the phone/touchpad and post when I had WiFi access. This didn’t work out as I had intended. Once in my tent and fed the last thing I wanted to do was hold my phone up and write about the day. Also WiFi barely exists out here. I’m at a public library right now.

Instead I’ve been taking notes each day about the day before and will compose those into a proper log. For now I’m going to breifly write about each day so far.

Day 1. Perth to ?
Left Perth around 2pm. It was hot. Traffic sucked. Climbing. Once I hit the turn off for Great Southern Highway at The Lakes it was quite nice riding. I was out of the climb, there was more shade less traffic and generally nicer. Pulled off early, around 530 and made camp. All was well.

Day 2 ? to York to Quariding
2 front flats early in the day. Tear in the sidewall. Slow going to York but cruised after that. Stayed in Quariding but had a shit nights sleep. A party of Irish pavers broke out outside my window and I havne’t a clue what time.

Day 3 Quariding to Somewhere east of Merredin
No notes. Must have been a good day

Day 4 14km east of Merredin to east of Yellowdine
In an effort to make a big bush I decided after eating in Southern Cross I could make it past Yellowdine at the least. I grabbed 2 grilled cheese there so I could ride to the last light and setup camp without worrying about the stove a cooking. Twilight lasts quite a long some and I’ve still not been able to time setting up camp perfectly. Thats okay, just means I can read while I eat.

Day 5 East of Yellowdine to Coolgardie
Big day with nothing in between. Decided I would opt out of my only water station to see what I was going through. It was hot today too. 30C. I used to almost all my water. Will add 3L before hitting the Nullabor.

Day 6 Coolgardie NOT to Norseman
Suck fest. Don’t want to talk about it.

Day 7 Suckfest to Norseman
49.someodd km
Still pissed from yesterday, casual ride, stopped a lot and took pictures. There where a lot of really big really dry lakes. Made it to Norseman a little after 11 and promply found the pub. After this going to stock up and get a room there. Going to try to leave early tomorrow for a big push.