Iguazu Falls

Our side trip to Iguazu Falls was nothing short of amazing. We got really nice accommodations at Hostel Bambu, which feels like a bit of luck as there as so many hotels, hostels and guest houses in Puerto Iguazu it’s hard to tell what’s what. The staff have all been extremely friendly and helpful in getting us around.

The falls themselves were so stunning we ended up going both days, only in part because we missed out on the boat ride that takes you right up to and into the falls.

Along the hikes we saw many local critters. Here is the most well behaved Coati we encountered, eating a nut rather than my empanada. The coati around all the dining areas have few ducks about who was eating what. It took about 1.5 seconds for one to jump on a table and stuff my empanada in its mouth.

Good Coati

Why’d the lizard cross the tracks? Probably because I was saying ‘hey lizard! There’s a train coming!’ Or maybe just because a train was coming. These big’ins were all over, never figured out what they were.

Big lizard in my backyard

We also saw several Camine, the second one really hated bugs.

Stop buggin me

One of the critters we really looked forward to seeing was the Tucan and thankfully we spotted… two!

The falls are viewable from several hikes starting from below and the highest one ended at ‘The Devils Throat’

Looking down The Devils Throat, water running over the highest edge of Iguazu Falls
Looking down The Devils Throat